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Nurturing Excellence



we endeavour to ride the change sweeping the global arena by upgrading our curriculum and teaching methodology as well as infrastructure to prepare high quality manpower not only for the national but to take up assignment at the global level.

Business analytics is both a challenge and an opportunity which we hope to harness to the advantage of the business community and society at large. The course provide opportunities for hands on activity, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. students get to know and work closely with their professors, interact with their peers in the class and enjoy small classes.

our students are put through a stint of in plant internships where the students have the opportunity to work with the industry.


This is a two year full time post graduated degree programme, under semester system. The programme spanning 4 semesters consists of a rich blend of contemporary courses in food and dairy management. In all, the students will register for 59 credits which includes specialization in the functional areas marketing, finances and business analytics.


Student projects and internship are important components of the programme, which is aimed at giving the students the experience of how the industries work. Details project reports will have to be prepared at the end, as evidence of fulfilment of the project, which will be strictly evaluated by the faculty as well as the sponsor of the project or internship. successful completion of projects is mandatory for the completion of the MBA programme. Project are very rigorous and will have a bearing on the functional specialization of each students.


The courses cover all the functional areas of management and the students have the option to specialize in one or two areas of their choice. The course in general have a strong analytical content and in all about 30 percent of the courses in the programme have a strong analytical component. This has equipped the students to use statistical and operations research models to analyze business problems with a fair degree of ease. They have a good exposure to the mechanics of investing in the sick market and portfolio optimization and risk measurement is another area in which they have competence.


A modern digital library with the latest titles and important journals is available for the students to refer and work with real time data. the library is equipped with digital journals. Internet is available 24 hours with high speed internet wifi connections and the classrooms are modern air conditioned with audio visual facilities.



All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. True to this adage we encourage students to participate in sport and management festivals. There are facilities for leisure and sports in badminton, football, cricket, table tennis, hockey and gymnasium.

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