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Mr. Rajanna. M

M.Sc (Dairy Chemistry)

Associate Professor & Head, Department of Dairy Chemistry

Brief Profile:

  1. He graduated in the year 1999 and did his masters in Dairy Chemistry in the year 2002. He has rendered his long service for the milk producing farmers and publics through Karnataka Milk Federation for a period of 11 years. During this period, he has conducted various awareness programmes for the producers, Consumers and school children about milk chemical quality and its importance, Quality control, Quality assurance, Clean Milk production, personal Hygiene, operation and maintenance of Bulk milk coolers at producers’ level. He has also contributed for the development of new dairy products and maintenances of quality and consistency of the various dairy products, planning and design of Product and Processes, Monitoring and control of processes and product.

  2. He has played important role in educating employees about the Quality systems like ISO-9000-2001, ISO-14000, ISO-22000-2005 and played a key role in implementation of ISO-22000 in Mangalore Dairy.

  3. He has worked as a Management representative for the implementation food safety management system (FSMS) in the Mangalore Dairy.

  4. He has also been certified and recognised as Lead auditor for auditing the FSMS.

  5. He has 4 years and 9 experience in teaching, research and extension in the University

  6. He handled 3 university funded projects as Principle Investigator and associated with 3l university funded projects as Co-PI.

  7. He completed two research projects funded by the KVAFSU, and one project is under progress.

  8. He worked as in-charge Head of the Department of Dairy Chemistry, Dairy Science College, Mahagoan, Kalaburagi for a period of 3 years and as a co-ordinator organised 3 training programmes for the milk producers.

  9. He worked as Member of Academic counsel for 2 years, Member of Board of studies for 4 years, NSS programme officer, Staff Adviser for sports and games.

  10. He published 6 scientific articles/ popular articles/abstracts/Posters in various national and international journals.

Email ID:

Profile Pushpa


Ph.D (Dairy Chemistry)

Assistant Professor, Department of Dairy Chemistry

Academic achievements:

She has worked in many research projects in the field of enzymatic modification of milk proteins, allegenicity of milk proteins, development of weaning foods by incorporating bio active peptides (CPP), developments and formulation of electrolyte whey drinks, fortification of bioactive peptides (GMP) in bio-yoghurt. She received best paper presentation award in National seminar and awarded Gold medal in Ph.D.

Email ID:

Profile Anjum
Anjum Ahmad.jpg


Msc (Dairy Chemistry)

Assistant Professor (On Contract), Department of Dairy Chemistry


1) M.Sc. ( Dairy Science) [1999-2001]

    University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka

2) B.Tech (Dairy Technology) [1994-1998]

    University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka,

Additional Qualifications

1) Lead Auditor in ISO 22000 Food safety- Certified By Systems-3 Group Pty Ltd, Australia in 2007.

2) Technical Trainer Skills “Developing Trainer Skills” - Certified by CEDAR Associates, UK In 2007.

3) Cleared National Eligibility Test conducted by ICAR in Dairy Chemistry.

Work Experience

1. Assistant Professor – Department of Dairy Chemistry, Dairy Science College, Bengaluru.

2. Consultant Dairy Technologist, Tumkur Milk Union

3. Team Manager, Processing, CPP1 , Almarai Co. Ltd, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4. Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Dairy Chemistry, Dairy Science College, Bangalore

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