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Dr. K. B. Vedamurthy

B.Sc.(Agriculture), M.Sc (Dairy Economics), Ph.D (Dairy Economics)

Assistant Professor & HOD

Department of Dairy Business Management

Current Research Area:

Agricultural marketing, Climate change, Dairy Industry

Research Projects:

Pilot project on Price Forecasting, Supply Projections and cloud computing of Farm Commodities (ongoing). Karnataka Agricultural Price Commission, Govt. of Karnataka​


FDM-613 Quantitative Techniques in Management (1+1)

FDM-611 Risk Management (1+1)

FDM-616 Supply Chain Management (2+0)

DBM-311 ICT in Dairy Industry and Operations Research Management (2+1)

DBM-312 Financial Management (2+1)

DBM-321 Marketing Management & International Trade (2+0)​

​ES-525 Dairy Business Management (2+1)​

CS-521 Computer Software (2+1) (Basic R and Python for statistics)


  • Best thesis award (Management Group) for outstanding research work for the session 2009-10 presented by National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal.

  • Merit certificate holder in Management group during post-graduation at NDRI. (2004)


  • 3 days training in R-basics for agriculture and dairy, in National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi

  • One day training on “Data analytics with R” at National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad

  • Two days training on “Data analytics with Python” at Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural Institute of Agribusiness Management, Tirupati.


  • Shashidhara K.K. and Vedamurthy K B (2016) K.BMultivariate Analysis of Eco-Friendly Management Practices by Cotton Growers in Yadgir District of Karnataka: International Journal of Agriculture Sciences, 52(8): 2459-2461

  • K.B.Vedamurthy,J.P.Dhaka,Smita (2015) Analysis of institutional credit for dairy farming in Karnataka: A study of Shimoga Milk Zone: Indian J. Dairy Sci. 68 (3): 282-286

  • K.B.Vedamurthy,J.P.Dhaka,Smita (2014) Dairy Credit Utilisation and Repayment in Shimoga Milk Zone of Karnataka: A comparative analysis of SHGs, Commercial Banks and RRBs, Indian J. Dairy Sci. 67 (4): 339-344

  • K.B.Vedamurthy,J.P.Dhaka,Smita (2013) Sirohi Determining factors Discriminating Defaulters and Non-Defaulters of Dairy Credit: A Discriminant Approach, International Journal of Communications and Engineering: pp:541-548,  26-Nov-2013

  • K.B.Vedamurthy,J.P.Dhaka,Smita (2013) Who is Benefitting from Commercial Banks? A case of dairy farmers in Shimoga Milk Zone of Karnataka, Indian J. Dairy Sci. 66(3):243-249.

  • Vedamurthy K.B. and Vijay Laxmi Pandey (2010) Performance and Competitiveness of India’s Onion Export,  Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing: 24 (1): 86-95



Profile NagarajuY
Nagaraju Y.jpg

Dr. Nagaraju Y
Assistant Professor

PhD (Economics)

Department of Dairy Business Management

Brief Profile

Dr.Nagaraju.Y obtained  Ph.D in Economics from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli of Tamil Nadu. Currently serving as Assistant Professor in the Department of Dairy Business Management undertaking UG & PG courses. Dr Nagaraju has 10 years of experience in the field of research teaching and outreach activities. He has published 15 papers in National and International Journals: more than 10 abstracts in national and international conferences / seminars / symposiums. He is also associated with developmental projects of the department.

Current areas of Research

Farming system research, Dairy markets-value chain analysis, Impact analysis of developmental programmes and technology adoption.



Mobile: +91-9113819342

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