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The Department has facilities for processing all kinds of milk and milk products besides food and bakery products. The department is equipped with HTST Pasteurizer, fluid milk packaging system, membrane processing, vacuum evaporation, fluidized bed drier and spray drying units. Sensory evaluation and packaging materials testing labs are available. The department also has continuous microwave unit, Gas Chromatography, modified atmosphere and controlled atmosphere packaging units etc.

The Department has a unique Students Experimental Dairy Plant (SEDP) which has all the facilities for processing of liquid milk with a capacity of 1000 LPH. The students will be given hands-on training in processing and manufacturing of Dairy Products. The department is attached with milk parlour for selling of milk and milk products. Every day about 500 litres of milk is processed at the SEDP.

The Department is engaged in development of novel indigenous dairy products and value added products. Considerable research has been turned out with regard to protein concentration and its utilization in indigenous dairy products, increasing the shelf life through innovative processing technology such as microwave processing and modified atmospheric packaging.

This is the major Department of the College and is in the forefront in conducting training programmes for housewives and dairy farmers in the preparation of dairy products, preparation of value added dairy products at home as well as at commercial level. Training is also imparted in the preparation of indigenous dairy products to women entrepreneurs, farm women, extension officials, etc. Further, consultancy services are also provided to industry and the facilities such as spray dryer, evaporators, fluid bed dryer and milk products processing equipment in the Department are spared for conducting trials.


The department has State-of-the-Art Food Processing Training Centre which caters to the training needs in food processing. Similarly food technology and rheology labs have been established with the financial assistance from National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) under MoFPI, New Delhi. These facilities are being used for research and training purposes.

Courses Offered by Dairy Technology

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