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Quality standards in food have assumed the levels of health standards with the introduction of Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures of WTO. Microbes are a boon as well as the bane for milk and milk products. These and related issues are actively engaging the attention of the Department. Considerable research has been carried out in the field of microbiology of milk and milk products, lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, prebiotics, development of fermented dairy products, apart from the extension activities in clean milk production, training programmes and consultancy provided to the Commercial dairies and Food Processing industries to achieve high quality standards.


Given the importance of microbiology and biotechnology in the modern world, exposure of students to the techniques of microbiology improves their avenues for employment as well as helps them to pursue higher studies.

The Department has been maintaining lactic acid bacteria used for fermented milk product preparation and these have been preserved by using freeze dryer. Genotyping of lactic cultures for research projects since made compulsory, the department has PCR facility. Detection of Aflatoxin in dairy products and feed is possible through TLC and BioRad imager. Besides this, facilities to carry out microbiological quality of potable water samples are available.


 Department is involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as involved in extension activities like training and consultancy. Apart from teaching, department is recognized as a nodal center for coordinated  network NRCE, ICAR project entitled “VTCC – Veterinary type culture collection of Dairy Microorganisms” since from 2010

Courses Offered by Dairy Microbiology

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