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Dairy Engineering Department has been developed and is striving to attain International standards by creating the most modern facilities to impart professional Dairy and Food Engineering skills  to B. Tech (Dairy Tech) students. Department is offering 20 UG courses and PG courses to M. Tech, Ph D and MBA programs.

Dairy Engineering Department has following Laboratories housed in various meticulously planned hygienic sections. Each section (lab) is equipped with modern teaching aids and pilot scale equipments for developing required Dairy & Food Engineering skill to the students and trainees.


  1. Design engineering section

  2. Dairy Engineering section 

  3. Dryer and Evaporator section

  4. Food engineering section 

  5. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning section 

  6. Heat and Mass transfer section

  7. Fluid Mechanics section

  8. Instrumentation and process Automation section

  9. Steam Production section

  10. Thermodynamics sections

  11. Workshop and Dairy equipment Fabrication  centre

Above laboratories are equipped with:

  • Touch screen- PLC   operated fully automatic SPRAY DRYER

  • Fully Automatic Vacuum Pan Evaporator and Falling Film Evaporator

  • Fully automatic Fluid Bed Dryer/Spray Granulator/Agglomerater  

  • Universal Food processor to make various Dairy and Food products viz, Pasta, meat mincing, puling, sieving,Grining , Mixing  etc

  • Jacketed Microniser for Homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing  viscous products like shrikhand, tomato puree, mayonnaise etc

  • Microncontroller based  automatic Pneumatic press with time, temperature and pressure controllers.

  • Mobile Centrifugal Clarifier

  • Fully Automatic Ice cream Freezer

  • Pilot scale Vacuum Dryer

  • Fully Automatic microprocessor based Steam boiler

  • PLC- SCADA based teaching modules of HTST pasteurizer, Microprocessed based  Level controller

  • Solar system

  • Lathe, Radial Drilling machine, TIG/MIG welding machine   and other essential machine tools,

  • Refrigeration learning modules

  • Thermodynamics teaching modules

  • Fluid Mechanics teaching modules


Spacious Dairy Engg Design lab is fully equipped with modern softwares to design Dairy and Food processing Equipments. Design hall is meticulously designed to train 40-60 students though e-teaching mode. 


This Department is credited with giving the students of this College their engineering entity. The students study numerous courses in engineering which are designed to meet the demands of the modern food processing and dairy industries. Their engineering skills are developed to a great extent due to the practical nature of the course and they can take up designing development and management of equipments and dairy plants.

Courses Offered by Dairy Engineering

DEng Course List
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