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The Department of Dairy Chemistry is one of the major Departments in Dairy Science College offering 7 UG courses, 8 courses for Master's and 6 courses for doctoral degree students. The Department has done considerable amount of research in the field of Dairy Chemistry of Milk and Milk Products with the help of several research schemes/projects and training programmes on scientific testing of milk and milk products operated since 1988. About 60 M. Tech. and 2 Ph.D. students have graduated from the department.

With the help of outside funded projects, i.e., DBT, DST and ICAR, the Department has created state of art infrastructure which enables to conduct high quality research.


The Department has excellent facilities for analysis of "Food And Dairy Products" and all the sophisticated equipments are provided with uninterrupted power supply. Computer and internet facilities are also available to the students in the laboratory.

The Department has carried out research in the field of composition, keeping quality of milk and milk products, utilization of milk fat fractions for sweets preparation, allergenicity of milk proteins, enzymatic modification and its application in dairy products. Recent research activities are centered on isolation, characterization and application of bioactive peptides from milk proteins, to be incorporated in chewing gums and tooth paste.

Regular quality control tests will be done for milk and milk products manufactured at students experimental dairy plant. Self sustained training programmes of short duration are conducted for outside agencies whenever required. Apart from this, the Department also provided consultancy to the entrepreneurs and farmers in respect of quality assurance of milk and milk products.

Courses Offered by Dairy Chemistry

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